At Wovax, I’m currently working on an internal company dashboard called Wovax Connect, that manages all customers, servers, hosting, websites, MLS boards, tasks, billing, and issues in one place. It’s really a tool to improve the teams quality of life, I mean, who wants to login to 10 different websites/services when you get to work in the morning?

During the research & design process for Wovax Connect, we were looking into all of the API’s for web services we use to see how we could best automate our workflow. is a favorite. ServerPilot allows developers to connect servers (clean install of Ubuntu only, servers) to its dashboard where ServerPilot will install and maintain useful tools, so developers don’t have to.

One of the coolest features within the ServerPilot dashboard is the option to install WordPress when adding a new website to one of your connected servers (ServerPilot refers to websites as apps, à la web apps). When you check the option to install WordPress, ServerPilot allows you to set the site title, admin user, email, and password without having to touch the WordPress installer, which saves many, many hours over the course of a year.

When a friend and I were going over the ServerPilot API we found that not only is connecting servers an option, but also adding apps and installing WordPress are available too. ServerPilot is being built into Wovax Connect, our internal company management tool, but as a fun project, we decided to build an iOS app and release it in the App Store for all to enjoy.

Interactive mockup of the ServerPilot iOS app.